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Another breakthrough from our Journal publishing team. Publishers & Research Scholars can finally relax! They can concentrate on Research work and quality of the articles – we will manage the rest. Being a Crossref member, now we can take care of your Journal from the launch to publishing of the issues. Solutions can be customized for individual needs

1. Copyediting, incorporation of author’s corrections, sending proofs to editor, final layout designing.

2. Reference checking.

3. DOI assignment & linking through Crossref.

4. Pagination and conversion of article to e-deliverables (HTML/PDF/E-book).

5. Plagiarism check - iThenticate screening.

Crossref (DOI) Clients

  1. EM International -
  2. International Research Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology -
  4. International Journal of Education and Social Science Research -
  5. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Review -
  6. International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management Studies -
  7. International Journal of Education Humanities and Social Science -
  8. International Journal of Management Studies and Social Science Research -
  9. Asia-Pacific Journal of Management and Technology -
  10. International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Scope -
  11. Frontiers in Medical Case Reports -
  12. International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Research -
  13. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology -
  14. Journal of Drug Vigilance and Alternative Therapies -
  15. International Journal of Social Science & Economic Research -
  16. Rasayan Journal of Chemistry-
  17. International Journal of Current Research and Review-
  18. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-
  19. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology-
  20. Irish Interdisciplinary Journal of Science & Research -
  21. Middle East Journal of Applied Science & Technology -
  22. Vijñāna Parishad of India -
  23. Emergent Life Sciences Research-
  24. International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology-
  25. International Journal of Business Management and Economic Review-
  26. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch-
  27. International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications-
  28. International Journal of Medical Laboratory Research-
  29. Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences-
  30. Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry-
  31. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation-
  32. World Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research -

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