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ubiJournal is easy to use online Journal publishing and management system. It is designed for rapid publishing of international, open access journal systems dedicated to various allied sciences. Get specialized high impact, top online journal websites. ubiJournal's revolutionary e-journal setup & management services dramatically speed the broadcasting of your peer reviewed journals.

International Services for End to End Journal publishing

Another breakthrough from our Journal publishing team. Publishers & Research Scholars can finally relax! They can concentrate on Research work and quality of the articles – we will manage the rest. Being a Crossref member, now we can take care of your Journal from the launch to publishing of the issues. Solutions can be customized for individual needs.

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e-Journal Website

User editable Pages, Customizable layout with unlimited Themes, selectable features

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Journal Publishing Software

Publishing and editing issues, article categories, articles, archiving of issues, Search Journal Articles, Editor Section, Reviewer Section, Author Section, Events and Conferences info.

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Journal Media & DOI Services

Copyediting, incorporation of author’s corrections, sending proofs to editor, final layout designing

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OJS Services

Interested in publishing of Open Source Journals? Whether you are starting from scratch or already have an online Journal publication, we can help.

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Our Journal Services can be gauged through the repeat orders of our esteemed Clients.

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