Comparison between OJS & ubiJournal publishing system


ubiJournal Packages




No support

Technical Support


No support

Backend Software

Simple & User-friendly

Complicated,Not intuitive




Data recovery


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End to end publishing

Services given

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Data recovery


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  1. All the ubiJournal packages come with Free Hosting unlike OJS where you have to pay to third party for web space & hosting.

  2. OJS Journals being open access are more prone to security threats like virus attacks. There is no support from OJS if the data get lost while ubiJournal team takes continual backups and can assist in data recovery.

  3. The entire data of Journals using our software is backed up. The Journal owners can relax and concentrate on publishing tasks.

  4. Installation is free for ubiJournal Packages with full assistance of our support Team. Publishers find it very difficult to install OJS without external technical help

  5. As opposed to complex OJS our Software covers most of the features of open Journal systems and more in a very intuitive and simple

  6. With our Journal publishing & management software discovers the interplay of user ease & functionality. What you need is what you get. Our user-friendly interface is very easy to learn & handle. With a powerful, intuitive, visual interface publishing is effortless.

  7. ubiJournal team also provides built-in user guide along with the software to help you through all the steps.

  8. We provide one stop solution with our end to end publishing services


Comparative study in between OJS and ubiJournal



Limited plugins

Rich plugins

Slow to access


Themes are chargeable. Price range from $350 -$4000

Several attractive themes at no extra charges

OJS charges for support

One year support is included in the package price

OJS hosting plans start from $270 onwards

FREE hosting

What you get from our journal publishing & management software

OJS & ubiJournal