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Journal publishing services - crossref
Another breakthrough from our Journal publishing team. Publishers & Research Scholars can finally relax! They can concentrate on Research work and quality of the articles – we will manage the rest. Being a Crossref member, now we can take care of your Journal from the launch to publishing of the issues. Solutions can be customized for individual needs

1: e-Journal Website

Standard Mobile-friendly Website
User editable Pages, Customizable layout with unlimited Themes, selectable features, Payment integration
Web Pages: Home Page, About us, Editorial Board, Author’s Guidelines, Submit Manuscript, Current Issue, Archives, Contact us.

2. Journal publishing Software

Journal publishing software
Features: Publishing and editing issues, article categories, articles, archiving of issues, Search Journal Articles, Editor Section, Reviewer Section, Author Section, Events and Conferences info.

3. Journal Publishing Services

Pre-media and typesetting services

journal publishers

Amazing offerings for online journals

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