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UbiJournal’s revolutionary e-publishing services dramatically speeds up the broadcasting of monthly / quarterly or bi-annual issues easily and effectively. Now the authors can submit manuscripts, Reviewers can send revisions and Editors can publish the journal on the go even from their mobile devices.

Check all features below:

Journal Setup
Events and Conferences
Mobile friendly Website
Conference section
Customizable layout & plugins
Events calendar
Unlimited Themes
Editable Pages
Editor/Publisher Section
Home Page
Create Issues
About us
Archive Issues
Author's Guidelines
Manage articles
Editorial Board
Approve/Reject Manuscript
Current Issue
Add/Invite Reviewer
Archived Issues
Get Manuscript reviewed
Publish Manuscripts
Technical indexing help
Alerts & Subscriptions
XML & HTML Articles
Subscribe to TOC Alerts
Author Section
No. of online users
Articles by category
Submit & Track Manuscripts
Downloaded Articles
Get & submit Revisions
Viewed Articles
Payment Gateway Integration
Reviewer section
Search Optimization
Accepting Invitations
Google Analytics
Review Manuscripts

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