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Custom, bespoke or tailor-made Journals specially developed for your unique requirements. In contrast we also have feature-packed packages with standard templates – Plus, Professional…

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You are losing 70% of business Yes, you have read correctly. If you haven’t had already got a mobile friendly Journal site, because your…

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A lot of abstracting and indexing services and databases – like Google Scholar, Elsevier owned Scopus & PubMed Central- require article content in XML format & proper meta…

11 Reasons Top International Journal Publishers choose us

1. Global reach

Top International Journal publishers all over the world – India, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, UK, US have chosen our online publishing platform. Our Peer Reviewed Journals are running successfully in many countries.

2. Successful History

Encouraged by their initial success – our clients have been able to start multiple Journals of allied science through our revolutionary web based online Journal publishing software. Check our open access Journals.

3. Large Client base

With more than 50 Journals published so far – both Indian as well as International – our journal software is a sure bet for launching a high impact e- Journal. We are counted among the top electronic Journal Publishers.

4. Satisfied Customers

Our dedicated support team ensures that our clients are at ease. All their queries are answered either instantly or ASAP. Their problems are looked into on top priority. Client satisfaction is reflected in the repeat orders we have got.

5. Varied Solutions

Whether you have an existing science journal or you want to launch an academic journal website we can help. Choose from any of our professional solutions – Customized or predefined Packages. Take a Free trial for your online journal.

6. Creativity & Technology

Our high impact Journals will impress you not only by their functionality but also by their aesthetics. We take great care of even minute details to present a well-designed e-Journal site.

7. Constant Evolution

We do not rest on our merits. Our International Journals of allied science are constantly evolving.  Our research team takes care to incorporate the latest trends in our open access publishing solutions.

8. Competitive Pricing

Our Journal publishing platform is offered at a very affordable pricing. Why invest in expensive Journal websites when a mobile Journal with all the features is available without a hole in your pocket.

9. Low Investment risk

ubiJournal Packages are offered on easy subscription so that Scientific Research Publishers do not have to worry about costs. You only pay once. You do not incur any cost on hosting, designing, maintenance, data backups or update. They come free with the Journal site.

10. One stop solution

Right from online Journal domain registration for publishing research articles – we take care of everything.  We provide services ranging from logo design, website hosting, copy editing to taking data backups.

11. Tailor made Software

Another way we differentiate from other online Journal Software providers is that when we start working with a client, we assess the Journal’ strengths and weaknesses and set up a customized plan to measure and improve the operations.