Establishing and publishing an online peer-reviewed journal

How to start an online peer reviewed journal? Look no further!!! We provide end to end publishing services for scientific & academic online journals. Along with the Journal management software we also solve the hassles of starting an open access journal. With more than 30 peer reviewed journals published so far – both Indian as well as International  and an experience of 6 years – our peer reviewed journal systems are a sure bet for successful publishing. The 3 stages for launching a journal are:

1. Journal Setup

Drafting of Ethical statement & code of conduct as per ICMJE and council of science editors’ recommendations.
Drafting author guidelines as per Open Access guidelines.
Journal setup: Selection of peer reviewed models & setting up editorial panel.
Obtaining Electronic & Print ISSN
Consultancy for indexing                                                    


2. Journal Website & Software   

Configure layout
Select Template 
Choose Theme
Decide Pages & put content
Pick Features/Plugins

3. Pre Publication Work

Assigning doi to published articles
Designing pdf of approved articles in MS-Word
Ithenticate plagiarism check of manuscripts
Copy Editing for articles
Generation of articles in XML
Submission of Meta Data to PubMed
Submission of XML to PubMed Central
Submission to DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)