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Create outstanding open access Journals – Science, Information Technology or Academic. Complete Solutions for different requirements  – Suits every budget.

Feature rich open Journal System at a  competitive pricing. Save your Journal publishing cost in 4 ways – 1. Free Hosting 2. Free Set up 3. Free updates 4. Free Maintenance. You only pay a nominal annual subscription fee. You can choose from any of the  Packages with standard functionality or contact us on +91 98262 74403, +91-7773000234  or for a customized journal software

216 USD / 7,920 INR
billed annually
324 USD / 11,880 INR
billed annually
495 USD / 18,480 INR
billed annually
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Journal Setup
Mobile friendly Website
Customizable layout & plugins
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Technical indexing help
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Add/Invite Reviewer
Get Manuscript reviewed/revised
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Submit & Track Manuscripts
Get & submit Revisions
Payment Gateway Integration
Accepting Invitations
Review Manuscript
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